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Starting the next thing

July 24, 2018 - personal

It's that time again! July 31st will be my last day at Mozilla.

Even though I was only at Mozilla for just under two and a half years, I had the good fortune to work on some pretty awesome projects.

I joined the Rust team and worked with Niko Matsakis and Aaron Turon on where Rust could grow, building on my experience coming from TypeScript. We learned a ton from each other, and I'm really grateful for all those conversations and the close friendship that resulted. I also got to roll up my sleeves and write some code. The first project was to redesign the Rust error messages with Niko. The next was to create the Rust Language Server with Nick Cameron. Both have grown a life of their own, and it's been awesome to see!

I was also lucky to help Jack Moffitt out with the Servo project. Under his guidance, it produced loads of good code and good ideas. These made their way into Firefox and into the Firefox Reality work. Learning from Jack and connecting with the Firefox org (and some of the awesome Firefox managers) was a treat.

Finally, my last seven months have been helping create and run the Developer Technology team at Mozilla, a melding of the Rust and WebAssembly efforts under one umbrella. This allowed even closer collaboration between the two projects and has already resulted in lots of cool new technology, tools, and coding practices. I'm excited to watch what they'll be able to come up with next.

And speaking of "next", what's next for me? I'm moving on to create a new company. I don't have a ton of details to share, yet, but I hope to do so in the coming months as the ideas and technology start to come together. "Will it use Rust?" I can already hear many of you asking. Most assuredly. If there's a better solution for efficient, write-once-and-don't-worry-about-it software development, I've yet to find it.

Thank you, Mozilla! Both for the experience and for the friends I've made along the way.

PS: I plan to continue podcasting - it's fun :)