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March 03, 2021 - rust nushell

Yesterday was my last day at Microsoft. I've been fortunate to have worked in an industry that paid well over my 20+ year career and to have grown up with frugal parents who passed that on to me. Starting the 4th of March, I'll be retiring to work on open source and teaching.

So what's next? I have a few projects in mind:

Get Nushell to 1.0

We're currently working on the plans for what it will take to get Nushell ready for 1.0. For the last year and a half, Nushell has been quite the passion project for me, and being at the place where we can talk about 1.0 and how to get there has me excited.

We'll publish these plans once they're ready so we can get your feedback, but suffice to say there's lots of cool things we'd like to do.

Finish the Rust beginner series

I've been enjoying working on the Rust beginner series, where I work through the concepts you'll need as a beginner in Rust. It's more of an overview of the language and how language features fit together. I'm having fun with it, and hearing some good feedback, which is always nice.

Work on the Rust intermediate series

I recently asked on Twitter about intermediate Rust content, which inspired me to start an intermediate Rust series. You can find out more information on this series in this blog post.

Keep doing Systems with JT

I've been having a blast making videos about various OSes. What started as a "it'd be fun to make some videos on these two hobby OSes" has turned into a weekly video, and I'd like to keep this going.

How can we help?

Probably the best thing is encouragement! Say hi on Twitter or come by the YouTube channel or Twitch stream.

If you have the funds and don't mind chipping in, I have Patreon, too. This will help me upgrade hardware, improve video editing, and more.

If you'd specifically like to help Nushell hit 1.0, I'd be happy to show you around. We've got a discord where you can join us and chat about what's happening and where to jump in. There are lots of places to help with code, docs, designs, and more. We'll also soon be posting the proposal for getting to 1.0, which will include lots of areas that you could help with.


I'm both nervous and excited. Though I've planned as best I can and I live as simply as I can, it feels like taking a leap into the big blue unknown. But I'm all for following the heart and seeing what happens next.