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Off to new adventures

October 05, 2015 - personal

A few weeks ago I posted about moving teams inside of Microsoft. As sometimes happens when you make a change, you realize that you actually need to make a bigger change. A few weeks into the new team, and I could tell that it was time for me to move onto new adventures.

Microsoft has been a great place for me to "grow up" as a program manager. When I started as an intern, I was mentored by some of the most capable PMs I've ever met. They took a keen interest in me, and I benefited greatly from their years of experience and patience.

From a little bird of a PM, I grew to being able to lead the great TypeScript team. I got to meet countless numbers of people and make some good friends along the way. It was a wild adventure to be on the team, and I'm excited to see what they come up with next.

But as little birds grow, there comes a time to leave the nest and to take more risks. There are many adventures to be had, and to have them, you have to ride out the storms in search of the blue skies.

My first step will be to take some time to travel the world and see friends I haven't seen in years. My goal: recharge, explore, and take stock. After that, who knows.

Part of the adventure is not seeing the way ahead and going anyway.