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Intermediate Rust series

February 12, 2021 - rust

Hi all!

A few days ago I posted on Twitter asking for topics that people wanted to see covered for intermediate Rust content. The response was awesome and it's inspired me to make a series where I go through each topic and do my best to cover it as a video and/or blog post.

Here's the current list of topics. If you see something missing, you can drop an issue on this repo or ping me on Twitter and I'll try to add it.

Rust features



Patterns and practices

Rust background

Looking ahead

As you can see, there's a lot of area to cover. My plan is to make steady progress on the list above, covering topic by topic until we cover as many of the topics as possible. People were also upvoting tweets with likes, so I may juggle this list around so that I'm sure to cover the hot topics sooner.

Excited to dig into this!

If you'd like to follow along to enjoy the content as it comes out, you can follow me on Twitter, you can follow my YouTube channel where I post my technical content, and follow me on Twitch for when I stream a topic.