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Following new paths ahead

June 04, 2024 - programming

Hi all! Wow, the last month has been quite the rollercoaster. In that short time, I announced June publicly and, on a sad note, also had its funding pulled.

The end result was a feeling of whiplash that I needed to recover from. After taking a break, here are my plans going forward.


Nushell has been a pride and joy for many years, though for many months I've very much been in the background while others led the project. After watching my friend Andreas step down from Serenity, I knew it was time for me to do the same for Nushell.

Effective today, I'm no longer part of the Nushell administration team and have handed those responsibilities off to other members of the team.


After announcing June and then losing funding for it, I took a step back from it.

There are some hard truths about programming languages and open source. It's a difficult path to travel, and it takes a long time. A good language can take 6+ years to mature to the point it's ready for users to trust it. Open source itself requires that you're ready to weather the burden of maintenance.

When I look at this, in light of having to self-fund the project, I know that I don't have the focus nor the energy to pull it off. That's not a knock against June. More, it's an admission about understanding how I work - especially in the light of being autistic and having to listen to where my drive is. The thing is, you can't fake drive. If you try to, you can easily burnout.

With this in mind, I'm archiving June and setting it to not-maintained. I'm also doing likewise for another project called Truffle that I released along the same time.

Having done this, I'll be able to let my creativity come back and go where it wants to go. This will be healthier for me and also will let me continue to make art that makes me, and hopefully others, happy.

For those of you who believed in the June message - thank you! I would love to see motivated people take it and fork it and carry it on. I'd also love to see other languages spring up which evolved the ideas further.